How the Pool Removal Process Works

Although the pool removal process can seem daunting, it is actually a routine service that our construction crew performs regularly. With the right preparation, filling methods, and a thorough final inspection, you can turn your old pool into new grounds for landscaping or entertaining. Read on for a glimpse into the removal process.


The first thing your demolition contractor will do is prepare your pool and the area around it for construction. This may include removing fences, which will be replaced at the end of the project. Next, the crew will begin work by tearing down and disposing of concrete surrounding the pool. This usually takes no longer than one day and is finished with a preliminary inspection.

Primary Filling

After the inspection, your contractor will start to fill the pool in with soil and dirt. He or she will handle all the logistics, from scheduling to determining the number of trucks needed to complete the fill in a timely manner.


After the first fill, soil must be compacted in order to prevent sinkholes from forming. The compaction process can take between one and two days. This is accomplished by using specialty equipment to literally pack down soil.

Final Inspection

Once the compaction process is complete, the project is capped off with a final inspection. This is to confirm all construction has been completed according to local ordinance as well as to ensure the safety of your yard.


After the final inspection, there’s nothing left to do but clean up and enjoy your new outdoor space! Your demolition services should include all finishing touches, including equipment removal and the replacement of any fences moved during the project. The entire pool removal process typically takes no longer than five days, although the length of time needed can vary with the size and complexity of the project. Contact us to more about pool removals.