Pool Removal

We Do Pool Demolition the Right Way

Pools can be a lot of fun. Lots of people love have pools for the appearance and the recreation possibilities, but there are also downsides to having a pool. The time and money required to keep up a pool can become overwhelming. Also, if you do not use your pool often enough, it can be a waste of space, and even hazardous for families with young children. If people are looking to put their house on the market and want to make it more appealing to the buyer the first option is usually to remove a pool. If you are ready to get rid of your pool, or if you are a builder that needs to remove a pool to do work, C. Scheiber Inc. can complete your pool demolition at a good price with no stress for you.

Why Demolish a Pool?

You may have loved a pool when you first got it, or you may have bought a house that had one and never really used it. Whatever the reason, an unused pool is not something you want to keep around. If you don’t do the necessary maintenance, your pool can fall into poor condition and may bring down the value of a house. If you do not use your pool, why not demolish it to make room for a space you will actually enjoy?

Why You Must Work With a Professional Demolition Company

Like most large projects, you cannot trust pool removal to a company that does not know what they are doing. Some negative outcomes of working with the wrong company can include:

  • Compromised safety of you and your family
  • A poorly done job that needs to be fixed by someone else
  • Wasted money without the quality of work you need

Quality Service at a Reasonable Price

Many people don’t know that pool removal can be completed quickly, safely and affordably if you work with a professional like C. Scheiber Inc.. Don’t wait to call us. We are ready to start a conversation today. Contact us at 612-532-3420 or fill out this contact form.