Garage Demolition

Let a Profession Handle Your Garage Demolition

Let a Profession Handle Your Garage Demolition

Do you need to tear down a garage that’s falling over, decreped, damaged, or do you simply want a larger garage or just need it to be cleared away for new construction? Are you unsure where to start are worried that the costs will be outrageous? Lucky for you, C. Scheiber Inc. can handle your garage demolition quickly and at a great price.

No Job Too Complicated

There is a lot that goes into demolishing a garage that you might not know about. Demolition is not just as simple as knocking down a structure and calling it a day. For the best results, care needs to be taken to make sure the demolition is completed safely. From plumbing removal to removing doors and windows and dismantling the frame, we know what we are doing. We’ve been doing demolition work for many years and have the experience and knowledge needed to complete a job without any unpleasant surprises for you. Our broad experience includes:

  • Home demolition
  • Pool removal
  • Trailer demolition
  • Snow removal

Safe and Thorough Contractors

Demolition is a serious task, and the contractors your hire should truly understand the process and be able to avoid negative outcomes. You should not try to handle demolition yourself or trust the job to someone without sufficient experience. At C. Scheiber Inc., your satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance to us.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

A demolition project is not truly successful unless you, the customer, are 100 percent satisfied with our work. At C. Scheiber Inc., customer satisfaction and close collaboration with clients are two of the things we stand for. With our level of service, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the job we do.

Make a call you can be confident about and contact us today at 612-532-3420. You can also enter your information into this contact form to start a conversation with us today about your garage demolition or house demolition.